Robert Leach

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Robert Leach

Robert Leach is a prize-winning poet, theatre director and academic. He directed the Russian premiere of I Want a Baby by Sergei Tretyakov in Moscow, and created The Lichfield Mysteries, a day-long presentation of medieval mystery plays based around ‘the Lichfield Fragments’.

He was Reader in Drama at the University of Birmingham and Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and has written books of theatre history and theory.

He had published five full-length collections and numerous chapbooks of poetry. Some responses to his work:

‘What fine poems these arer! Here is a poet who, in the sequence, The Snake at Your Back, has triumphantly brought off that most difficult of feats – to write poems for children which are neither condescending nor falsely childish, but poems in their own right which will give pleasure to all who read them, young and old alike.’ – Albert Rowe

The collection, Boy and Baggage, ‘is just superb. It’s a long time since I got so en thuised over a new collection by a writer I don’t know. Subject matter, language, imagery, emotion – all show masterly touches.’ – Cencrastus

‘I do not know Robert Leach’s work, but his new book, Cats Free and Familiar left me wanting to read more … Robert Leach is a cut above the average.’ – Grapevine

‘The language adopted moves between descriptive, purely lyrical and sometimes almost mystical;. It leaves one wondering what more you can ask from poetry.’ – Joao Henriques, Chapman